Absolute Elegance — Minnesota Mobile Wedding Flower Service

Land of Lakes & Uncompromising Beauty

So, you’ve decided that Minnesota is the destination for your wedding. Whether it was the more than 1,000 lakes within the state or the golden sunshine touching the shimmering fields of the area, anywhere you wed in Minnesota is bound to be beautiful. And what better way to compliment the natural beauty of one of the greatest states in the nation than by making sure that your wedding flowers are unforgettable? Absolute Elegance Wedding Flowers wants to make sure that your wedding venue is blooming, fragrant, and beautiful with our unsurpassed service and complex wedding flower packages.

Choosing the Right Bouquet

Our team of expert florists is here to make sure that each bouquet, table arrangement, and altarpiece is fit to your liking and to the wedding itself. We work closely with the wedding party to ensure that their tastes are met and that the arrangements not only stand out but also create a working magical environment.

Things that we take into consideration when helping you plan for your botanical decorations include:

  • time of year
  • venue
  • color scheme
  • birth month flowers
  • local flowers
  • allergies
  • personal requests

All of these considerations are to best help the brides and grooms-to-be feel as though their special day is unlike any other. Personalization is key, and our promise is that you will feel like your unique garden arrangements are so special that you will wish they could last forever. If you do not like our services, we will provide you with your money back. That is a guarantee.

Our Philosophy & Vision

Jan Nolan, a Minnesota Native, grew up near a Dahlia farm near Nisswa, Minnesota. Each year, she relished in the changing blooms and bright colors of the farm in contrast to the surrounding fields and blue skies. Flowers have always been a passion for her since then, and she knows that such beauty belongs only in the most beautiful situations. When she was married and saw how bouquets could truly change the atmosphere of the wedding, she was inspired to recreate the beauty of the blooms that made her wedding day gorgeous.

Absolute Elegance provides mobile flower service to places in and surrounding Minnesota. She knows that weddings do not always take place in a set venue, and so setting up for those places can be hard. Therefore, Absolute Elegance will bring the beauty to you — whether you are out in the elements or under the roof of some beautiful local venue. They are open by appointment, and the sooner you call the more detail she can provide to your big day.

For more information, Contact Absolute Elegance Wedding Flowers. We look forward to working with you.